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Learn the potential of the best selection software in the market


Select fans and heat recovery units from your required work point.


Print technical pdf documents that include the performance and acoustical data of our products along with dimensional details.


View and add accessories associated to the product.


Dynamically generate BIM objects of products allowing easy integration into your projects.


Create, customize and print your ventilation project.


Register in EasyVent and easily manage your ventilation projects.


The best selection tools

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Fan selection

Try the most complete selection software, where you will be able to select the fans at the required duty and get techical data, acoustic data, BIM objects and more.



Heat recovery selection

Discover the new heat recovery units selection tool from the required duty to get the necessary technical data of these units.



Multi selection

Do your ventilation projects quicker through the intuitive multiselection tool avaliable in EasyVent


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